Friday, July 4, 2014

Little Buddy

"Dad, our little buddy didn't make it."

"Did a coyote get him?"

"No, he is curled up in the grass back by the edge of the pond."

For the last week, I have been writing about an orphaned fawn that has been hanging around The Shire. He has brought Josh and Sammy, and Sandy and me a lot of joy. His naiveté and loss of his mother took the cautious edge off his natural instincts of flight and allowed him to be a lot more trusting of humans; especially Josh. For reasons unknown, he would come clumsily running out from the edges of the woods bleating and to within a few feet of Josh, time-after-time.

We did everything we could to help and protect him, and we succeeded in keeping him safe from the coyotes. But nature can be as cruel as it is beautiful.

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