Saturday, June 14, 2014

The Shire

Real-life can be real tough... hardly idyllic. But where we live in Cataula, Ga. we experience moments that come close to Utopia. I never feel like I am exaggerating when I speak of The Shires tranquility and beauty and uniqueness. It seems that everyday, we experience something a little different: today, a Summer Tanager, something we had never seen, perched on the railing that leads down to the pond. Its plumage is a beautiful muted red. Somewhat like a cardinal, but different. Smaller. Young fawns, along with their mother, curiously romp along the banks of our pond, and browse for morning and evening meals. Coyotes make a fateful trip through The Shire from time to time. I have diminished their population...

Today, Sandy and I planted flowers, spread mulch, and removed debris from the recent storm that hurled gusts of winds that brought down any branches that were not healthy and well established in our pines, oaks, and sweet gum trees.

Tomorrow, I speak at First Baptist, in Phenix City, Alabama. I will be doing an interim there for an undetermined amount of time. In the afternoon, after the service, we will pick up Sandy's best friend from Jr. High, who is flying into Columbus, to spend the next four days with us. Sherran is a delight.


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