Monday, June 30, 2014

Our Orphan

We have a doe with a single fawn that we have posted pictures and videos of on Facebook. We also have a doe with twins who are never far away taking refuge in the coolness and shadows of the woods that surround us. The  threesome is a little more cautious, but we see them from time-to-time.

As of late we also have an orphaned fawn that has been hanging around The Shire. I believe I saw the babies mother crumpled on the shoulder of Route 27. Yesterday, as our son, Josh, was putting bikes on the bike rack, the little orphan came bounding out of the woods, across the lawn, and stopped about ten-feet from Josh and began bleating like a little lamb at him. Needless to say the little one has our sympathies.

This morning around six a.m., Sandy and I were sitting on the front porch having coffee. Our little orphan came sprinting across the field looking confused and terrified. No wonder. Behind it was a large coyote giving chase. As the coyote came into the wide-open space of the pasture it became wary and slowed to a stop. I stepped inside the house and grabbed my .308. I had the coyote in the crosshairs, but once again, I would have had to shoot toward Holland Rd., so I didn't fire. I yelled at the coyote, and it broke off its chase and chose to get out of sight as fast as it could. I continued scoping along the wood line and across the edges of the pond. No sign of our little orphan or the predator that was trying to kill and eat it. I ran out of time and had to leave for work.

Before I arrived at my first company, Sandy texted me. I was relieved to hear that our little orphan had escaped and made it all the way around the pond and was standing less than ten feet from where Sandy sat finishing her coffee.

Now, I am officially on a mission… it's time for the coyote to bite the dust. I told the story to someone at work, and they told me that the coyote was just doing what its nature demanded. I responded in agreement, but added the caveat, and I am just going to do what my nature demands, protecting the helpless. 

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