Saturday, June 21, 2014

Hearing, Seeing, Telling...

We cannot stop telling about everything we have heard and seen. ~ Acts 4:20

Before the sun had risen above the tree line, Sandy and I made several trips up-and-down our drive that is 1/5 of a mile long. We wouldn't be able to get a bike ride in, because we wanted to get some yard work in before the blazing first day of summer started creating dancing heat waves. A brisk walk would have to suffice. It was 78 degrees before first light.

Three descending tiers of flower beds--that are about three feet wide and twenty five feet long--need to be reclaimed. For many years they went unattended and lay fallow and buried under a half-foot of pinecones, pine needles, deadfalls, and decaying leaves. In no time at all our clothes were as soaked with sweat as if we had just waded out of the pond. We are winning, and the beds are taking shape. Soon the beige will be a colorful  palette of beautiful flowers, red mulch, and lush, green signs of new life.

This morning's physical labor is somewhat of a metaphor for the new spiritual labor God has graciously called me into. The rest of the day I have been reading, writing, and thinking through what I will speak about tomorrow at First Baptist Church of Phenix City. For an unspecified length of time (God still sets the boundaries of man), I will be the interim pastor there. At this point, I will lead the Sunday morning worship services. It seems best that I stay focused the on the Book of Acts. FBC has been through a lot of change and struggle, and a numerically downward trend. Their last pastor of thirty years died in December.

It seems that the time is right to look to the Book of Acts, a thrilling testimony of the presence of Jesus Christ working through the Spirit of God and His people, and expect that He will continue to create something new... 

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