Sunday, June 22, 2014

Faith, Friends, And Family

Faith… For the foreseeable future, First Baptist of Phenix City is where Sandy and I will be gathering for corporate worship. I am grateful for the privilege that is mine to speak from God's Word to this body of Believers on Sundays. Each week we are seeing new faces, and we have ten new believers that will soon follow the Lord in baptism.

Friends… Following the service we went out to eat with our good friends, Don and Terri. Both of them are fully committed Christ-followers. We click as couples, share a mutual desire to maintain a vital relationship with Christ, and always enjoy an easy flow of conversation about advancing the kingdom. Good people.

Family… Our son, Josh, is here with us at The Shire. This afternoon he jumped on the RZR, I got on the 4 wheeler (both vehicles graciously provided by a generous friend), and we took to the woods to do some trail work and riding. A stand of three trees, each about eighteen inches through the butt and too big for the small chainsaw we have to cut through, were blown down across the trail in the last storm. We had to cut the tops out and winch some of the bigger stuff out of the way. A slight detour. Miles and miles of undulating paths, that switchback and criss-cross hundreds of privately owned land, surround The Shire, and we have permission from the landowner to explore them. It was great time for father and son.

Now Sandy, Josh, and I are chillin' and eating hot-out-of-the-oven blueberry muffins! The plump purple berries were grown right here at The Shire on our own bushes.

P.S. And we saw the end of the Sox and A's game. Yay, Big Papi!  

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