Monday, May 12, 2014

Here, There, And Everywhere…

Me with some of the pastors I taught from villages on the Amazon

Left to Right: Rick Stallings, Miguel, Royce Railey standing in one of the churches their team built. 

Charles, Rick, and Royce have been going into the interior of Peru (via the Amazon) since 2007. During this time they have taken nearly 200 Americans with them. A broad ranging group of short-term missionaries: students and teachers, doctors and nurses, husbands and wives, white-collar and blue-collar people making up their teams. Three different objectives compel them: medical, construction, and gospel presentation. Due to the longterm commitment of these men, there are many believers and new churches that never existed before they began taking Christ to the river people of the Amazon.

I am now among the cloud of witnesses that have been blessed to see this work of God there.

Before sunrise on my first morning in one of the primitive villages, I went out into a clearing and looked upward toward the eastern horizon for Venus--just like I do every morning when I am at The Shire in Cataula, GA. There it was shining brightly. As I stood there, I knew that Sandy was very likely doing her early morning reading and also looking out her window at the same shimmering planet. It was an interesting moment that I can't seem to capture in words, except to say that I truly felt like we were only separated by a few feet, rather than a few thousand miles. I remember specifically thinking about the omnipresence of God--He was present with me, and with Sandy. I remember audibly speaking into the dawn, "God, you are here with me, and you are there with Sandy, so we are all here together. Thank you,,,"

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