Thursday, April 24, 2014


Typhoid medicine is already circulating through my body doing it's work to provide me with a shield of  immunization against contracting typhoid fever. In five days my first rounds of malaria medicine begin that will greatly decrease the likelihood of contracting malaria. One week from Friday, I will board a plane and fly to Peru. Another short flight within that country and I will be on a boat headed down the Amazon River. Yet another adventure that would never have been mine, if God hadn't first made me His, and then began ordering my footsteps when I accepted his offer of salvation through faith in Christ.

Three of us, all men, will be boating into the interior, sleeping on the ground under mosquito netting most nights, meeting in crude buildings, and with the aid of interpreters, providing training and encouragement for indigenous preachers of the Good News in Peru. Apart from knowing Christ as their Savior, most of them know very little about Christianity. Any instruction they receive from us will be basic, steeped in the Scriptures, and focused on the most practical--and practicable--elements of being a Christ-follower. It's about building upon the foundation of their faith in Christ. Layers of simple and reproducible truths. Rick, Royce, and I have no desire at all to export a heavily Westernized Christian "church" culture.

Personally, the invitation to join my comrades is part of the lavish grace of God toward me. If this comes across wrong, it's due to my inability to articulate what is on my heart, but I believe that God chose to wire me with this hunger to see His Kingdom advanced abroad, Christ's Church with its many facets, and to be an eyewitness to the truth that Jesus would build his Church and that not even the gates of hell could stop its advance into every culture, kindred, and tongue.

I believe my head is on straight and my heart in the right place. I believe God has definitely called and equipped me for this sort of mission. I believe I would shrivel up and die if I didn't have these opportunities to export to foreign lands what God has taught me. All the while, when here in the U.S., and in particular, Georgia, I do my dead-level best to stay engaged in what God is doing here on my native soil. Responding to what God puts in front of me day-to-day is equally important. Short term mission trips--such as this one to Peru--are not vacations or venture quests. I already eagerly signed up to live abroad, but it was not to be at this season in my life. For now, I have the privilege to see the grandeur and marvelous worldwide work of God in glimpses.

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