Sunday, March 23, 2014

Spring Has Sprung...

Cataula was under high, thin, wispy clouds, and a gentle breeze on Saturday making it a perfect work day. I went up and down several hundred feet of frontage on Holland Road on the 4 wheeler and collected 4 bags of trash. Why people chuck bottles, cans, and bags of fast-food wrappings out their car windows, rather than just throwing them away in their own trash cans I will never understand. Surrounding The Shire, acres and acres of rolling pastures, that just a week ago were a sea of beige, are beginning to cast a green hue that shimmers in the wind. Everything within the perimeter of the white board fence, out-buildings. and pond--about 7 acres--gets mowed. The sun will rise and set another couple of weeks before the lawn begins to produce chlorophyll and stretch toward the sky. But right now you can almost watch the mottled patches of clover, dandelions, and spiked tufts of wild onions grow. Dandelions crowned with yellow blossoms reminded me of my childhood in Maine. Every spring mom used to dig up the dandelion greens and cook them. I remember how good they tasted splashed with vinegar. On Saturday, I lacked the ambition to get a trowel and continue the tradition.

Bradford Pear trees are dropping their delicate white petals and slowly morphing to a soft pastel green from their outside edges toward the their middle. Hundreds of bees awakened by the warming temperatures zipped among their branches siphoning the last dregs of sweetness from their buds. High-bush blueberries are covered with tiny clusters of future pies and jam. Forsythia is spreads like an umbrella displaying brilliant golden arcs. Protruding domes of ant hills are busy with activity. Hollowed gourds, that once upon a time housed purple martins, hanging high above the ground have been commandeered by bluebirds. At least a dozen of them flitted about chasing down bugs, romancing their partners, and rebuilding their nests.

Spring has sprung...

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