Saturday, March 29, 2014


I am the oldest of the surviving Shorey boys. Glennie would have been older, but he died at three years of age of cancer. I turned one year old on December 16. He passed away less than a week later.

Glennie refused to be separated from his cowboy boots, and in the photo he is wearing an old beat up cowboy hat that he loved. My sisters are a little older than me and remember him fondly. They, along with our mom and dad, say that he was a beautiful child in disposition and in physicality. Glennie was intuitive, sweet spirited, which reminds all us of our daughter, Meagan. Even though he was taking maximum radiation treatments Glennie was bright and sunny.

I drew this picture of Glennie (formal name Glendon) from a faded, grainy, black and white, picture. The fatigue of the treatments shows up around his eyes much more dramatically in the actual photo. Hopefully, later on down the road, I will draw it again. But for now I want to post sketches such as this for all kinds of different reasons.

In particular, I know mom will love this...

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