Sunday, February 16, 2014


Peter is from Beijing, China. Population twenty-five million. He is an only child, and extremely bright sixteen year old. His Chinese family name is Lu. He is staying with Sandy and me here at The Shire in Cataula, GA. Population approximately five-thousand. Peter's English is above average and he loves our country. Being the go-getter he is, Peter is already telling me of his plans to attend a U.S. university, get a solid career underway, and buy a house--just like ours.

Last night, the three of us watched the movie Gravity. Peter was extremely pleased and impressed that the Chinese space station was woven into the story plot. This morning, he attended church for only the second time in his young life. Until his arrival in our country he had only been to a Buddhist temple. I was the speaker and he was attentive to the message. The folks of Oakland Baptist Church gave Peter a warm welcome and made it a point to introduce themselves.

God showed up, too. A dear lady came forward during the invitation and asked to be anointed with oil and prayed over. She has been battling cancer for ten years. Peter witnessed a community of Believers gather around a warrior princess and share the grief and burden of a bad report from her latest diagnosis.

After the service we went to a little hole-in-the-wall southern diner. One of the church members saw us there and picked up the tab. Humbling.

This afternoon, we enjoyed a stunning Georgia winter day outdoors doing yard work. Peter asked if we could build a fire in the pit and he did a great job of layering the kindling and preparing everything for ignition. I gave him the honors. In no time, he had a leaping, dancing blaze that cracked and consumed much of the debris we collected off the lawn that wind, ice, and snow had stripped from the sprawling oaks, sweet gums, and pine trees. It was also a joy to watch him roam the perimeter of the pond and property with his head tilted back, gazing awestruck at the cloudless blue skies, and the unfiltered sun that warmed our skin and allowed us to wear short-sleeved shirts. Later this week, we will get him on the four-wheeler… he can't wait!

All-in-all, Peter is an outstanding young man with only one major character flaw… He likes to watch Downton Abbey. 

As he and Sandy watch and giggle at the dialogue… I write.

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