Wednesday, February 19, 2014

How Could We...

Most of us wait to do something wrong until no one is watching, and we wait to do something right until someone is watching. That's not human nature. That is our sin nature. It's our unsanctified desire for self-glorification. This will seem counter intuitive, but you don't really care for people until you don't care what they think. Until you've been crucified to their opinion of you, you can't really help them the way you should. You have to die to them.  ~ Mark Batterson

Most us live with a sense that there is much in our lives to improve and we set about to do so. That is a good thing. But like the ad campaign of a slick politician we can also try to leak carefully crafted images of ourselves to friends, families, and Facebook that are not who we really are.

Until our full redemption takes place, we will all battle our neediness of others applaud. That's a given. But we can grandstand in such a way as to convince onlookers we are someone we are not. Drivenness, toward self-glorification, is a terrible cross to bear. An unrelenting reverse-crucifixion that never succumbs to death. Never experiences resurrection into a genuine life. Thank God it's not the cross we are called to carry. The sooner we make the decision to remove the hands and feet of our impaled souls from that cross--the cross of self-glorification--the better.

Can we really help anyone else when pretending to be someone else? Can we possibly adopt God's agenda when we are drafting our own? Can we singularly live for an audience of One while fawning for the approval of many?

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