Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Something Beautiful--Something Broken

Our home is tucked away amid towering pines and seasonally barren oak and sweet gum trees. Undulating hay fields roll on for acres, west by northwest. Looking east, we are cozied up next to our bass and brim filled pond. Like a giant mirror it doubles the magnificence of pastel sunrises and images it captures in its reflection.

Unusual for our part of the world, a winter storm arrived in these parts. Here in Cataula, at least for a few hours, about three inches of dazzling white will cover the deathly beige hues and earth tones of fall. For a few hours, our beautiful panorama--that we call The Shire--will be even more charming.

Just north of us, the wintry mix is being dubbed snow-pocalypse. What brought us a serendipitous moment of beauty, also brought an unexpected reign of terror for others. Natural forces colluded and collided engineering a serious and dangerous situation. Thousands of motorist were stranded on ice-glazed highways. Mangled cars and tangled traffic made roads impassable. Children hunkered down in their schools waiting for parents who never arrived. Many motorists, when spinning wheels could no longer inch their vehicles forward, abandoned their rides and set out on foot. High-heels and dress-shoes be damned, they would be with their kids! Wherever they were. No matter what. Others sought shelter in churches that opened their arms, hearts, and doors. Big-box stores, or single-family homes and apartments became good Samaritans providing care for perfect strangers.

Hundreds of great stories will emerge of people coming through for one another.

Sometimes we are in the beauty--Sometimes in the brokenness. But we are all in it together. Let's never forget that...


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