Saturday, November 23, 2013

Wise Guys

Walk with the wise and become wise; associate with fools and get in trouble...Can two walk together without agreeing on the direction? ~ Proverbs 13:20; Amos 3:3

There is always a transfer of influence from one person to the other as people spend time together. If we were do a quick inventory on our personal core values and past and present actions we would quickly see that we are impacted by our relationships. Crunching the Proverb to even fewer words, "We rub off on each other."

Amos' words remind us that we choose a direction and find companions to join us. The choice is ours: grow deeper in wisdom, or slog through the shallows--growing older, but never wiser.

Enjoying the Adventure is the mantra I write and live under. Adventure refers to the one we are called into upon salvation. For me, having a way to quickly remind myself of that conversion is of paramount importance, because I know that I am a complex concoction of curiosity, intensity, and melancholy. That being the case, seeking out wise people helps me keep reasonable guardrails on my intensity. Also, I readily confess that I can be way to quick to seize life by the throat. Along with that, life generously raises a lot of questions, but very stingily gives answers, and that stokes the embers of melancholy--that are always smoldering--into a consuming fire. I can easily contemplate myself into oblivion. Dangerous.

So I say all that, to say this. Each of us is bent and broken. None of us is self-sufficient. None of us has it all together. Not even the Redeemed. For sure, we absolutely need the wisdom of God, and when I talk of wisdom that is the wisdom to which I speak. But we also need the wisdom of the godly. This is where the hard choices must be made, so I will frame it with these rather hard words: we can give in to our dents and dings and dysfunctions and choose to join a merry, but misguided, band of fools that never speak of God or speak godly wisdom into our lives, or we can choose companioning with people that are pursuing God's agenda and have gained sanctified wisdom while doing so. The former is a fool's errand, and the other is Enjoying the Adventure...   

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