Saturday, November 30, 2013

Twenty Five Guests

Beginning Thanksgiving Eve and through Saturday, we had around twenty five guests. Every bed in the house, the guest house, and an extra air mattress, was used for someone to dream the night away and gain weight. Some visited for a few hours, some overnight, and some for several days. Two of our three children were here--one from Seattle and one from Boston. A guest from China, Lao Shao,  experienced his first American Thanksgiving and fired every weapon I own--another first for him. Ben, a student attending UGA, but who hails from Los Angeles and also taught in China spent the night. Joshes girl, Sammy, who is a professor from Kansas is here. Sandy's mean niece, and her husband came from Florida. Many others--who now call Columbus, Georgia home--born and raised all over the United States broke bread with us. Some were from Christian traditions, and some were not. But the one thing that united all that diversity was the joy of one another's company.

Prior to everyone's arrival I had laid in a BIG stack of firewood; it's mostly a circle of gray ashes now. In spite of the unseasonably cold weather we pulled the chairs up close to the flames and told lies and stories for hours on end. Our house is surrounded by hundreds of privately owned land and during the day we cruised much of it. Deer leaped from the hardwood bottoms and up across ridges, turkeys took flight, and a lone possum did his best to get out of sight as fast as he could. At night we heard the frantic yips of a pack of coyotes, and the lonesome hoot of a barred owl.

Of course a couple of hours were dedicated to watching the Lord of the Rings. It's a tradition for us. Food? Oh my gosh! We ate non-stop! All the traditional Thanksgiving fare: turkey and the fixings, pies, cakes, turnovers, fruit dishes, breads, and more disappeared in our mouths and reappeared on our body mass index!

Over the last few days we have talked, texted, and FaceBooked with friends and family that could not come. For those we have yet to contact--we love you, and give thanks to God for all that you have brought to our lives and to our world. Be blessed!

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