Friday, November 29, 2013

Robert and Sara~When Less Is More

As many of you know, our good friend Robert George passed away on Veteran's Day. He was 80 years young. If you knew Robert and Sara personally, you also know that they were inseparable. Working side by side they advanced the Kingdom all over the world. They were the modern day equivalent of Priscilla and Aquilla of the New Testament book of Acts.

So many have asked how Sara is doing in the days since Robert's passing. The day before Thanksgiving I talked to her on the phone. Sandy and I have wondered and worried about how she would go forward after her Love of decades was no longer at her side.

Sara cheerfully answered the phone, and I listened as she described the outpouring of love from family and friends from across town and around the world. The most prominent thing she described was the peace of God that passes all understanding. "God has been holding me up," She exclaimed. "in ways I have never before had to avail myself to God's strength. I am not just hanging on and getting by. Instead, God is using this loss to speak into the lives of so many hurting people. Bill, the Spirit and love of God is exceeding anything I have ever before experienced. God is giving me the strength to bring comfort to so many. Never has God's presence been as powerful."

During their earthly sojourn together Robert and Sara passed through the fires on many an occasion. Each time this faithful couple faced them together and emerged with a faith that was purer, and a testimony of the power and presence of God that was clearer. Now, for a time, Sara is the lone image bearer of what was once a dynamic partnership. Yet, God has proven once again that less is more--when God is the more.

The gold is purer and Sara is reflecting an even brighter and more vivid image of the difference Christ makes.

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