Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Native American Sketch

Even if you are a novice artist like myself, it is fascinating to start with a blank sketch pad, draw a frame, shade it, and then begin to draw the image in front of you. Along the process I took photos at different stages (as you can see I didn't load them in the right sequence).

I started the sketch by squinting my eyes and drawing in the darkest shades, which began with his right eye. As I began I tried to capture as much detail as I could at my level of competency. Next, I drew in his left eye and he came to life. After that I began to fill in his hair, then the contours of his face, and finally on to the entire picture as I saw it.

I am learning more about negative spaces, shared edges, shading, and training my eyes to see more detail each time I pick up my 2B pencil.

My Bride of thirty-six years is 1/16th Native American. 

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