Friday, November 1, 2013

Maine Man

Along with mom, my sisters, and one of my brothers and his wife, we got together for lunch. Mom's eye is looking much improved. We are grateful! She is a trooper. Her grandsons--along with one of their friends--are on their way here and we will gather once again before the weekend is done.

Fickle Maine weather is upon us. Yesterday's weather was clear skies and 24 degrees. Today, winds whipped the leaves off the trees, stacked up white caps on the river, and sent the mercury up to 63 degrees! The sun slipped behind the horizon by five o'clock, and days will continue grow shorter until December 21. Then long nights will give-way to more and more daylight as we move toward the birth of Spring.

Tomorrow morning, the boys (ages 30, 31, 32) and I will grab a hearty breakfast at the 95er and then do some good old fashioned work cutting and splitting fire wood and clearing brush. I'm thinking I will take a supervisory role. 

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