Sunday, October 27, 2013

Wicked Good

Beth, Miss Meagan, and Anna

Like I said, I am over-Chicked!

Miss Meagan's,  best friend, Andrea, tied the knot. Meg was a bride's maid. Sandy and I traveled to the venue in north GA. to attend the ceremony. It was a clear and beautiful day, even though the temps were a little cooler than usual, for the open-air wedding. Meg and Andrea roomed together and attended the same university. All of us have spent a lot of hours together during their college days and after. For years Meg has drawn really cute line drawings that have shown up as doodles, celebrated friendships, or decorated book covers. She drew one for the bride and groom that was about 3'x5' and mounted outside the reception area. I enclosed a picture.

Before the wedding, Sandy and I drove up to Helen, GA. The architecture of there is Bavarian style, and the entire city, tucked away in the mountains, is touristy-themed likewise. We were pressed for time, but got in a little walking, ate lunch at a street side diner, and picked up some apple fritters from Hofer's to have with our breakfast coffee! They were wicked good!

My girls looked beautiful all dressed up for Kirk and Andrea's big day! I was over-Chicked! 

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