Thursday, October 3, 2013

To My Ten Friends :-)

This Sunday, October 6, I will be speaking at Christ Community Church in Columbus GA. It's an opportunity I am thrilled with, and surely not taking lightly. Putting this out in cyberspace is a great risk, a friend (and bantering nemesis) warned me. "Don't let the word out, or the Sunday crowd might be thin."

About ten people probably read my blog, so the risk is minimal!

Keith, the Lead Pastor at CCC, and I will be having a conversation about the impact believers in businesses and organizations, who are also leaders there, can have in the workplace. It's a relevant and important topic. In the New Testament alone we see instance-after-instance when business leaders who became believers--such as: Lydia; Matthew; Zacheus; Cornelius; Joseph, called Barnabas; Philemon; the Roman Centurion; the women who supported Christ; Joseph of Arimathea--saw their vocation as a platform to advance the Kingdom.

There were other influencers who were believers, or stood at the cusp of belief, who did not: The rich young ruler; rich Christians that James spoke of; Simon the sorcerer; Ananias and Sapphira.

As you can see, it's not a marginal topic.

Over the years I have had friends (even my bantering nemesis) who have not compartmentalized their life into secular and sacred, but instead, view it all as sacred. They invest the blessings of their position in the workplace, their position in the community, influence, and resources God has providentially provided, to advance His purposes.

It works...

During the week, I spend my days in the workplace--all secular businesses--where owners and leaders give Corporate Chaplains of America the privilege to care for them, their management teams, and their associates. This year, we have seen thousands come to Christ, and have cared for people in every life-situation imaginable. Many of those we serve have yet to darken the doors of a church or embrace the message of the Cross. Many never will. We give care to everyone. Unconditionally.

Here is the Mission Statement we pursue together:

To build caring relationships, with the hope of gaining permission to share the life-changing Good News of Jesus Christ, in a non-threatening manner. 

So...I ask my ten friends who read this blog to pray for Keith and me as we prepare to speak this Sunday.

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