Friday, October 25, 2013


My Über-woodsmen friends, Brent and Glen, cleared trees at the cabin last winter

As soon as there's enough light my chainsaw will be whining. I just came in from outside and staring up at a sky full of stars. Cool air has finally arrived, and I am looking forward to opening up one of the tree lines toward the west, and stacking some wood for the fire pit. Hot dogs, s'mores, and marshmallows will soon be on the menu.

If everything comes together, we will have some of our family here at the farm for Thanksgiving. For Christmas, all of our children, our daughter-in-law, Erika, and the Amazing Wyatt will make the trek to the southeast from both ends of the country.

Sandy and I are grateful beyond words to have this beautiful spot here in Cataula, GA. to call home. The quaint little guest house is ready to host our kin to celebrate Thanksgiving, and the birth of Christ. Our pond will yield a string of largemouth bass, and miles of undulating woods trails are just waiting to be hiked. Double ovens will be cooking up fabulous meals, and the grill is on stand-by.

Halloween is a few days away, but we live so far back off the beaten path that little goblins, witches, and hobos won't be ringing our doorbell.

Hunting season is open, and we haven't seen hide nor hair of a deer that have been hanging around the edges of our yard. We miss nature's company. Tomorrow, we will be attending the wedding in north Georgia of one of Meagan's best friends. Miss Meg is a brides maid, so we will see her in just a few hours. Can't wait to hug my baby girl. The high temperature up that way will get half way between fifty and sixty. Gorgeous. I am told about one hundred thousand Georgians will also converge on the area to see the foliage. Through-hikers are finishing the last leg of their north-to-south journey across the Appalachian Trail. 

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