Sunday, September 1, 2013


I can still see a sliver of the moon in the southeast as the sun slowly climbs over the horizon. Fish are popping along the edges of the pond, and the birds are calling to one another. A tiny toad, smaller than a dime, is hopping across the lawn that is covered with droplets of dew. A thin layer of fog hovers over the pasture, and the hedge of lantana grows brighter as dawn turns to daylight. Not a single leave on the weeping willow stirs, and the surface of the tiny lake is as smooth as glass.

Mama deer and her two little ones haven't shown up for several days. My guess is that this stretch of hot, humid weather has kept them in the cooler, deeper shade of the woods, or they are gleaning nearby gardens.

Tomorrow, along with a couple of friends, we will get on four-wheelers and go to an out-of-the way cemetery to do stone rubbings. Later this month, I begin art lessons and will learn to sketch. Ever since I was a child there has been this niggling to do so, and now the opportunity has presented itself.

For me, natural settings bring out the very best of life. Spiritually, my thoughts are always turned toward the eternal. Creatively, I am always inspired to explore latent artistic abilities yearning to be expressed. Physically, I feel fully alive.

Enjoying the Adventure...  

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