Wednesday, August 7, 2013


What a tangled web we weave...
Keep me from Lying to myself; give me the privilege of knowing your instructions. ~ Psalms 119:29

"Actually," said Jace, "I prefer to think that I'm a liar in a way that's uniquely my own.” ~ Cassandra Clare, City of Ashes

When someone tells me they never lie that second quote comes to mind, and I think, "They have a unique way of telling the truth." Listen, we all lie. Every single one of us comes into this world speaking lies, and we will leave this world never having fully mastered the art of telling the truth.

C'mon, you know what I mean, and I will be gentle. Under the guise of being kind, unoffensive, polite, a peace maker, and not wanting to rock the boat, we lie. I will even go so far as to say that as we read these words, and silently push back against them, we only prove the Psalmist's point precisely... Keep me from lying to myself. 

David knew all about lying. Yes, the Apple of God's eye was also an expert at lying. David told little lies. David told outright whoppers. At its root, every lie is self-deception, and we are all guilty.

It is quite obvious what must happen for us becoming truthful people, and David states it with profound simplicity. He says in effect, "God, Your instructions are absolute truth, and if I don't know Your truth, I will build my life on a set of lies." The Psalmist stated that Truth is objective--meaning it actually exists, and God is the source of it. God's Truth is not subjective, meaning, "Truth is only truth if it is truth to me." No, that's how you begin lying to yourself--not to mention to others.

Self-deception can be overcome. How? By continually prevailing upon God in humble honesty. Like David, we confess that we need Divine help, because without it we cannot be honest about our human condition. We must enter His presence seeking the specific privilege (grace) of knowing the source of Truth, and be straight up with God, asking--teach me Your truth, and start with the truth about me!

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