Saturday, August 10, 2013


My comfort in my suffering is this: Your promise preserves my life. ~ Psalm 119:50

Though the outward man perish, the inward man is renewed day after day. ~ The apostle Paul

Most of us use FaceBook as a kind of day-to-day highlight of the good things in our lives. Viewing someone else's life--captured in pictures of their perfect vacation and profile photos--can convince us that our adventure isn't quite as bright and sunny. Admission--I try to put a good face on things, too.

There is much more to our lives than perky status updates, is there not?  Do you sometimes want to curl your fingers over someone's "happy"FaceBook picture and pretend you are pinching their smiling little face?

Suffering is part of our lives. In fact, sometimes we go through stretches when hardship gets the lion's share of our existence. Not only do we have to bear the burden of our own suffering, but also share the burdens of those we love. Sheesh, sometimes we are burdened not wanting to be a burden! No wonder a Biblical sage summed up our sojourn this way, "Man's life is like the sparks that fly upward, full of trouble."

Where did David say he found comfort during suffering? In promises--promises that went beyond those pledged by flesh and blood. Like us, David had people in whom he put great trust and confidence. I think of Jonathan in particular, who, time after time, had David's back. Yet, as his suffering deepened, and his earthly safety nets disappeared, David dug deeper into the promises of God. David wanted to do more than just get through--he wanted to be comfortable. Comfortable with his Sovereign God that allowed his situation to occur. For us, finding comfort in suffering must take us down the same trail where we learn the same trust.

I don't want to sound like a Prophet of Gloom, but Jesus wept, and so will we. Life can be extremely difficult, and sometimes it is more like, InYourFace...than Facebook.

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