Monday, June 3, 2013

Burger King and the Little Red Caboose...(Father and Son weekend continued)

We said good-bye to John and Jane, snapped a couple of more photos, and began the three hour trip south. But before we left Presque Isle we had one more stop. The little red caboose at the Burger King!

Let me begin the story this way...

The Apostle Paul said. "I know how to live on almost nothing or with everything." And I can say  that my family and I have experienced that same feast or famine dynamic as well. Back in the day, church planting was much different than it is typically done today. In my early twenties we planted churches via a "parachute drop." What that meant was you simply dropped into an area with what ever support you could raise, began knocking on doors forty hours a week, invited complete strangers into your house, shared the gospel with them, and trusted God that you were following His calling.

It worked for us.

When we started the church plant Justin was one month shy of being three years old, and Josh was one month shy of being one. If memory serves me well, as soon as they were old enough to enjoy it, Nana and Papa, or Glen and Paula Carson, or some kind soul would always see to it that resources were available to celebrate special occasions. For Justin and Josh, the interpretation of the Pauline theology to  have "everything" was fulfilled by climbing into the upper deck seating of Burger King's little red caboose! The Burger King caboose was a BIG DEAL. Our rambunctious little guys absolutely loved that place and with a little boost from Sandy or me they scaled every high place within its walls. Hey, it was Burger King and they could have it their way!

How things have changed...with one powerful lunge, Justin was seated on the upper deck. No! He did not have to help his aged father up there. Nope! Time aloft passed quickly. We alternated between smiling like the cat that ate the canary, laughing, reminiscing, and contemplative silence. Never enjoyed a Whopper as much, sitting up there in the Engineer's/Conductor's booth!

Soon a little girl and her brother, about the ages of four and six, came in with their food balanced on a tray. The boy was the youngest, and just like my own sons, in days-gone-by, he was wearing a Burger King Crown. I wish you could have seen their expressions as they looked up at us in the Conductor's seat (or whatever they call that perch at the back of a line of railroad cars). There above them sat two grown men. Both unshaven for a couple of days. One six feet tall, and the other with a pate of white hair!

I introduced Justin and told them how I used to take him and his younger brother to this very spot twenty-five to thirty years ago when they were their ages. They liked the story and figured we were safe, so they climbed up into the seats across from us unwrapped their meal and ate.

Over the years Sandy and I have learned (and continue to learn) that to have nothing can be to have everything--and to have everything can be to have nothing...

Enjoying the Adventure,

Bill Shorey

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  1. Loved this post... what a joy! ~Blessings, Amy