Saturday, June 8, 2013

Assignment: Enjoy the Pleasant Places

Our guest cottage at daybreak
Lord, you have assigned me my portion and my cup; you have made my lot secure. The boundary lines have fallen for me in pleasant places; surely I have a delightful inheritance. ~ Psalm 16

Yesterday, every blade of grass and tree branch became like a wick, as the hot Georgia sun siphoned water from the earth into the heavens. Hour after hour it filled cloudy storage tanks that grew taller and taller, and sagged lower and lower. Then, like wineskins trying to hold new wine, they burst. The thirsty earth drank its fill. Our guests, twin boys and their sister, splashed in the puddles and chased after frogs and worms.

A day later, dawn was shrouded by a gauzy canopy of haze. Mist hung over the pastures and pond. Early on, the sun pulsed behind the fog as it burned off the excess moisture. Shades of blue appeared.

Some portions the Lord assigns are more pleasant than others. Would you agree? Like you, though my resolve to do so ebbs and flows, I try to find the purpose in each portion--the good and bad are part and parcel of the whole and are meant to shape us back into God's own image. Whether we acknowledge it or not, for saint and sinner, each day starts with an appointment with God.

God knows my heart, and the One who knows my heart has shaped my heart. That being said, the artistry of His created world never ceases to enthrall me. Observing the work of His imagination strengthens me and helps me sort out the two worlds I must live in: the spiritual and the physical. But believe it or not, I have always wrestled with an undercurrent of guilt for my need of the solitude in nature. "It's a waste of time," whispers a condemning voice.

I know that accusatory voice is not the Voice because while meditating on His handiwork, my view of God grows loftier, and my communion with God goes deeper. I will never be able to articulate it, but I can never stop trying to write about it, either.

This morning, I simply took God at
his word. "You are where I want you. Your cup is running over. I AM is here. Be at peace. Take a good look. Enjoy this pleasant place."

Enjoying the Adventure,

Bill Shorey

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