Sunday, May 19, 2013

Little Fledgling...

This morning Sandy and I were sitting on the back deck having coffee. Toward the east there is a line of wooden fence and on several of the fence posts are moss covered bird houses. One of them is home to a mating pair of bluebirds. As we sat talking, all of a sudden there was a lot of commotion on the ground under one of the houses. At first we thought it was mom and dad bluebird doing the wild thing--bluebirds may have as many as three hatches. Well, they weren't starting another family. No, all the flitting and tumbling around was an anxious mom and dad trying to figure out how to get one of their babies--that had tumbled out the front door--back into the house!

Chick-a-pedia (Sandy), immediately went online and researched how to save a baby bluebird and get it back into its nest. She relayed the instructions to me. I got a small towel, slowly crept up to it, and dropped the towel over the little one. But before I did, I gave the baby some time to get used to me standing over him. He looked so pitiful and frightened. The dew on the morning grass had pasted its fine blue feathers every which way, and pieces of grass--from my weed whacking a couple of days before--speckled him like green dandruff. His tiny little frame quivered as he hunkered as close to the ground as possible.

I draped the small towel over him and he hardly moved. Carefully, I felt for the outline of his body and gently picked him up. Tiny talons tried to cling to the grass beneath him. Pulling back the edges of the cloth, I could see his pointed beak that resembled the tooth of a comb, and his tiny black eyes. Slowly I eased him back through the round door and into his house.

Standing back, we watched to see how mom and dad would respond. Within minutes they joined him! All is well in bluebird-ville; little Fledgling is safe and sound. Sandy is happy! I believe God is smiling. Yes, I truly believe He is! 

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