Thursday, May 9, 2013

Evening Shadows Fall...

I especially love the evenings here. As the day winds down I try to get in sync with the rhythms of nature. The transition from daylight to dark is a fantastic journey. As night descends it effects nature's creatures in stages. Tree frogs begin their high pitched clicking, bats dart above me chasing down their dinner, birds sing their goodnight lullaby to one another, and the coarse, trembling croaking of big ole' bullfrogs begin their stereo communication. As the light fades the treeline forms a dark, but distinctly serrated skyline.

Across the pond our little family of geese have climbed in and out of the water, and from time to time I can hear the muffled honks and squawks of mother and father intended to keep their little brood in line and out of harms way.

Earlier today I watched a magnificent Blue Heron crouch on the bank of the pond and pounce on frogs and brim that came within striking distance. Deer have grazed and browsed on the back end of the pond. They are very skittish--the blasts of shotguns during turkey season have only recently quit bellowing.

Now the first stars are appearing and there is still a little blue in the night sky that has yet to yield to the blackness. Soon all that will be visible will be the heavenly lights--millions of them. 

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