Friday, April 12, 2013

The foxes have holes, and I have an apartment!

Today I checked out the apartment that will be my home beginning on Monday. It's in a monstrous complex with hundreds of units, but less than a fifteen minute walk to the school. Matthew, who is one of my colleagues, has lived there for the last eight months, spoke well of it. Measured against U.S. standards it's quite modest, but provides everything I really need. The Giver of Life has always blessed me with more than I need. I continue to learn about gratitude.

It's now Saturday morning. I have had a Chinese breakfast, talked to Sandy, checked my mail, and in an hour I am going shopping to get some of the essentials for my new digs. Guangzhou is big and busy, so I figure I am looking at 4-5 hours to find everything I need. For me, in the best of scenarios, shopping is akin to being cast into hell. Thankfully, the college sends a driver and one of my assistants to accompany me.

Eventually, I will post some pictures...

Enjoying the Adventure,


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