Thursday, April 11, 2013

No Mushroom Cloud...

I am in Guangzhou, China. My flights went smoothly--just long and crowded. No mushroom cloud appeared above the mountainous horizon that surrounds the airport in Seol, Korea. Thankfully, the over-sized version of "Spanky" didn't push the button.

Upon arrival in Guangzhou I was met by one of my new colleagues, Michael, and we began the process of talking through our goals and getting acquainted. His assistant met us at the school and she helped me navigate the ten-thousand signatures necessary to set up my personal banking. I also have phone service.

This weekend I am staying at a hotel right next door to the college. It's clean and comfortable and has all sorts of amenities. Most important it has a great internet connection! From my third floor window I can look out upon a gorgeous swimming pool that for several days has been getting a free refill from the heavens. No sun yet, but the climate in Guangzhou is subtropical, so it's coming.

Jet-lag has to be worked through (I slept fitfully and have been up-and-about since three this morning) as my body tries to adjust to the confusing phenomenon of being zipped through multiple time zones and then deposited on the other side of the world.

It's Friday here. Finally, in just a little while, I will be talking to Sandy on Skype. It is a godsend that she teaches at one of Georgia's finest high schools and has been extremely busy. Jeesh this separation is difficult. At the present, busy is good! We are going to make the most of all this!

In a few hours I am going to look at apartments and then on to several meetings. This weekend will be packed with the process of getting "settled."

Enjoying the Adventure,


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