Saturday, April 6, 2013


I have no idea where to start, so I will just start. At 12:30 a.m. on Wednesday, I will board a Korean Airline passenger jet and stay airborne for almost fifteen hours in route to South Korea. From South Korea I will lift off for a four hour flight to China. On Thursday (China time which is 12 hours ahead of the U.S.) I will be in Guangzhou.

For our friends that have stayed in touch, this may come as a surprise. Upon returning to the U. S. last December, almost immediately I began teaching as an adjunct, in what what appeared to be a step to full time employment this fall. However, that did not come to fruition.

In January the possibility of returning to China was available, but I had put any thoughts of returning to China on the back burner and moved on. Then, within hours of finding out that there would not be a full time position available where I was teaching, I was contacted once again by the same school in Guangzhou, China. From there things began to fall in place.

This is probably the most challenging assignment I have ever undertaken. I will be directly involved in establishing an intense one-year program that prepares high-performing Chinese students to enter U.S. universities. I will work as a liaison between the U.S. and Chinese schools, provide curriculum and staff development, and do some teaching. There is a tremendous upside to it all. The passion that has guided my life and the skills I have learned thus far in the adventure, will need to be employed with abandon.

At this point, Sandy will remain in Columbus, GA. teaching at Columbus High School. After school is out in June, she will visit me in China for a month before returning to the US. The separation will not be easy, but both of us are confident that we are being called to sacrifice once again.

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