Monday, April 15, 2013

Blood Taken...Blood Given

Every day, as soon as I can,  I go online to check for messages on email and Facebook. Then I get on Skype with Sandy. On this side of the world it's Tuesday morning, and the news coming out of Boston and the Boston Marathon was tragic. Terrorism, in the form of bombs planted among the innocent, killed several and maimed dozens more. Stacy Blette, a good friend of our family, was one of the runners. We are thankful to our God that neither Stacy nor any of her family were injured.

After checking the news I got on Skype with Sandy. It was from Sandy that I learned our daughter, Meagan was a spectator at the marathon at mile twenty four. Standing along the route with hundreds of others, Meg chatted with a family that was there to cheer on one of the competitors, who also happened to be their dad, and their mom's husband. After talking to Meg, the young family hurried off to the finish line to see the finale. Meg stayed at mile twenty four. Meg said that family of innocents probably arrived at about the time of the explosion. We may never know if they were among the scores injured, or even worse among the fatalities.

As the reports come in we find out that some of the runners, physically exhausted from the race and spiritually and emotionally exhausted from the senseless brutality, made their way to area hospitals to give their blood to those whose blood was taken.

What a beautiful way to retaliate against meanness and cowardice and darkness...
What an example of courage and strength...
It is a response so courageous, so strong, so symbolic. "Take their blood. Yes you can, but I will give them mine..."

Enjoying the Adventure,


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