Thursday, April 18, 2013


The last couple of days the weather has been steamy, humid, and overcast here in Guangzhou. Each time I ventured outside I found myself dodging the brief showers that come and go. My only mode of transportation thus far are the feet and legs the good Lord gave me. By the time I reach the office my shirt is streaked with splotches of perspiration or polka-dotted by raindrops. Here, it's pretty much "one and done" as far as shirts go. You get to wear them once, and then it's time to stick them in the washer. BTW, I do have a washer!

During office hours I work with our team on getting the school off the ground. Evenings are given to researching different aspects of international education. Staying engaged in the work process  helps me deal with the feelings of loneliness--that I wish would leave me alone! A couple of times I have tried to watch something on our Amazon Prime link, but I have yet to find anything that holds my attention. Slowly, I am getting beyond the jet lag, although my energy level is much less than I am used to. By the time the wall clock shows 10 p.m. I am ready to hit the sack!

On the street below my second story apartment people are returning from work. Some, I know are walking at a brisk and energetic pace, because I can hear their footsteps clicking on the pavement long before I see them. Others are scuffling and dragging their feet revealing the fatigue and weariness of a long day. Tiny voices and shrieks of little children come to me like the surround-sound of a movie theater as they jabber away at one another. Across the way I can hear the rapid strokes of someone slicing and dicing the ingredients for their dinner on a cutting board. It makes me hungry!

Friday, Sandy flies to Boston to celebrate the Amazing Wyatt's first birthday! She bought a gift for my little buddy--especially from Grandpa! 

Melissa & Doug Deluxe Chomp & Clack Alligator Push Toy

Enjoying the Adventure,


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