Saturday, February 9, 2013


At the Columbus Technical College where I teach, we have a visiting professor from China. His English name is Charlie. Our foreign guest spent most of yesterday with a friend of mine, Robert, and me. Robert, four-score years young, was born and raised in Columbus and knows its history inside and out. Robert narrated a time-travel back to the beginnings of this beautiful city beside the Chattahoochee River, once known as "River Town."

Constructed well before the Civil War, massive textile mills made of red bricks from the ample supply of red Georgia clay still stretch along the banks of the "Hooch." Some have been turned into storage facilities, some into government buildings and retail, some into loft apartments, some have succumbed to time, neglect, and the tragedy of fire. Robert was able to give us the history of each and every brick!

According to our tour guide, the last battle of the Civil War was fought right here in Columbus. We went to the Civil War Naval Museum where the charred bones of the Civil War Iron Clad Monitor are on display (those Yamn Dankees set it on fire). Moving from station-to-station we looked at the relics from the War Between the States. Fascinating. Sobering. Lot's of history in Columbus: Civil War cemetery, Bibb City, brick paved streets, the historic district, and of course the Pemberton House. Dr. Pemberton was the pharmacist who invented Coca Cola. Coca Cola was invented IN COLUMBUS, NOT ATLANTA!

Tomorrow I am taking Charlie to church with me. During his stay in America he wants to go to church, fish, and shoot guns! Charlie hit the jackpot with me! I can see to it he gets to do all three!

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