Sunday, February 10, 2013

Charlie and Church and Cultural Experiences...

Charlie wants to sample the many different cultural experiences that being a guest of the West has to offer. Today, I accommodated his curiosity with America's spiritual heritage. We went to church.

At Cross Pointe Church the first 30 minutes of the service is a time of corporate worship through music. Probably 500-600 people were gathered. Like many contemporary congregations, the music was led by a worship team of vocalists and musicians. After we had been singing for a few minutes my Chinese friend leaned toward me and with great sincerity said, "It's good to wisit wiz Jesus."

As we sang, it was obvious that he found one of the songs vaguely familiar and particularly moving. I took the opportunity to explain to him that its verses contained the primal message of the gospel. He had no problem tracking with me. Charlie received his master's degree in Australia, and while there he occasionally attended Christian Churches, and checked out small study groups in the Land Down-Under.

Following the service we went to Stevi B's for Pizza with Ben and Betty and their baby, Abby. Abby adores me. We play very well together. Today I introduced her to sweet tea. Betty is Chinese, so she and Charlie had a great time talking, and alternating between English, Chinese, and Chinglish!

Funny story...
Charlie went fishing yesterday for about 2 hours. He wasn't very impressed with American Angling. After two hours he had caught only one small fish. His analysis? "I think the fish must have been sleeping at that time of day!"

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