Wednesday, October 10, 2012

More of this. . . less of that


Following months abroad of hard work and difficult living conditions we looked forward to our refuge along the Penobscot. We envisioned kayaking, biking, taking long walks, enjoying friends around a campfire, and pleasant sunsets. Little of that came to pass. Last summer you were so sick: day-after-day receiving infusions, battling physical discomfort, dragging around and IV pole, and stumbling through fatigue.

You did so quite bravely, I might add.

But you are on the mend now. Feeling better. Getting stronger. Soon, fall and winter will give way to spring, and together we will greet the arrival of summer at our cabin. Soft rays of sunlight will reach through the windows and gently nudge us awake. . . I want you to stay in bed awhile. I will bring you coffee. With camera in hand, possessed like a posse after an outlaw, I will chase down and capture colorful horizons and the beauty of the wild. As daylight gives way to dark the melody of the woodthrush will echo through the timbers. . . you will cry the first time you hear them. You always do. Nightfall will cover us with a canopy of twinking stars, and from the fire pit mesmerizing flames will leap and dance and crackle and hiss. We will nod off to the baritone lullaby of the river. . .

Enjoying the Adventure,

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