Saturday, October 6, 2012

My Walden Pond. . .

Early this evening I took a walk down to the lake on campus. Cool air moved in. Fall is upon us. Leaves drifted and fluttered like butterflies, and tumbled across the twisting pathways. Autumn's onset is so unlike my home state of Maine where almost overnight bursts of color change its forests' into a brilliant painter's palet. Here in China, the living green slowly fades to shades of death.

I sat down on the stone steps of the bridge that connects the north and south banks, got out my Nook, flipped through the electronic pages, and began reading Walden by Henry David Thoreau. Interesting man. Thoreau felled his own trees, built his own house, went off-grid for two years and two months--called it "simple living." Then he set about "a nine year process of composition and revision" to craft his experience into a literary classic.

As I was reading I thought. "And here I am in this densely populated part of the world where it's against the law for its people to cut down a tree, own a home or land, and civil disobedience never really caught on."

Life. . . a mixture of complexity and simplicity. Maybe I'll write a book . . .

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