Saturday, September 29, 2012


Farmers in Henan Province, China, are fully engaged in the Fall harvest. Shoulders of the roadways have become staging areas; squares and rectangles of golden corn and dusty peanuts are everywhere. Here, mechanized harvesting is the exception, so peasants work from dusk til dawn winnowing, shoveling, and sorting nature's bounty in like manner as countless generations before them. For some, years of  back-breaking labor has permanently bowed their frame. Even when they rise from the ground they are never upright. Their skin is blackened by the sun, and deeply etched wrinkles channel little streams of sweat to the edges of their round face. As I ride by them I always say "Nee-how" and they always greet me with a smile, and the usual nervous giggle.

Nearly every day I straddle my bike and pedal off toward the countryside to see what has changed. It is only a slight exaggeration to say that I never see the same scenery twice--it is estimated that in the country of China the equivalent of a New York City is razed or built every 12 months. Also, the bony silhouettes of 2/3 of all the construction cranes on this globe are here and backlit by the skyline.

Chinese National Holiday has begun, so we have no classes for the up-coming week. I hope to post on Enjoying the Adventure more regularly, and to regroup spiritually. I miss my Sandy, my family, my friends, and my Country. . .

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Retracing and Leaving Traces . . .

Over the next several months I will begin to retrace my journey in the archives of my blog Enjoying The Adventure. I will also leave new traces - a breadcrumb trail - for my friends who want to follow.