Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Get Well, Mom!

Get well, Mom . . . 

Yesterday I drove to Old Town, picked up mom, and brought her out to the cabin for much of the day. Sandy grilled a couple of ham steaks and sautéed some zucchini and this trio sat in the shade of the porch and had a healthy lunch. Today, mom was up at 4a.m. in order to sign in at Eastern Maine Medical Center by six a.m. Her left knee is being replaced. As I have mentioned before, we are so grateful that this scheduled operation was moved up fourteen days, because if all goes well, she should be ambulatory by August, and able to get out and enjoy the short, but Edenic like summer here in Maine!

After lunch we moved the rocking chair from the porch next to the fire pit, and visited. Mom is as genuinely God-centered as anyone I know. Most of her conversations begin with God, then lays bare her thoughts, and then ends with God. Never is there a sense that she lacks "Faith." Never a whine. Since my dad's passing just over a year ago, she made the difficult choice to move into Elderly housing. Necessity, led to the sensibility that she must sell the little house in Milford where she and dad spent their final years together. Their home was a bit remote, and due to its age, also expensive to maintain. Being eighty two at the time, and having lost the mate she had been with just shy of sixty five years, the change, and the absence of my father has been difficult. 

Like usual- as in all of mom's surgeries - the nurses had a difficult time finding a vein for the I V's, and inserted the port in her neck, but otherwise things proceeded without a hitch. A nurse led me back to the recovery area where post surgery patients were backed up like planes on the tarmac. I was only allowed to see her for about two minutes. She was as alert as can be, and the doctor assured her that he would have her up and walking today. He did! My two sisters, who have been wonderful care givers, my brother, and other friends and relatives were also there. It was good to gather as a family in support of mom.   

I have posted a few pictures . . . Mom and Sandy by the fire, the ducks retaking their island - now that the Penobscot has dropped to near normal depths, and our almost finished out-building, and the beautiful tiers of firewood stacked (I love splitting and stacking firewood). 

Enjoying the Adventure,


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