Wednesday, February 15, 2012

YaY! The Students are Returning!

SIAS became a ghost town during the winter break. Foreign staff scattered to the four winds, and a skin of dirty coal dust smothered the town in a dull grey. The heavens yielded hardly a drop of rain for a couple of months, though the skies were moody and dark and stormy.

But now the students are trickling in and bringing with them their youthful energy that completely changes the dynamic of the school and city! On Saturday and Sunday about 15,000-20,000 will drag their luggage through the gates, across the tiled courts of Italian and Russian Square, along European street, and up-and-over hundreds of stairs! The place will look like someone stirred an anthill with a stick!

This afternoon I walked the entire campus. The willows that shade the river-walk have been pruned, and the hedges of shrubs have symmetry with clean lines and curves and corners. Several of the fountains are cascading water over their rocks and runways. Deciduous trees - made bare by the change of seasons - are sprouting tiny red buds that will soon cover their bony arms and legs and restore their dignity.

Those who been here - when winter turns to spring - tell me that the rain will soon begin to fall washing away the grime and clearing the smoggy pollutants from the air. Then the sun will burn through the mist, brighten the landscape, warm our bodies, and the campus will explode with color! I probably don't need to tell you that I can hardly wait to see our new world fresh and in full bloom!

This morning I started the P90X Workout. Today it was legs and back (tomorrow it's arms and shoulders). I did the whole lot of exercises - although I didn't do a whole lot - of the whole lot - of exercises! Nevertheless, when I die I want to die healthy!

I love this place!

Enjoying the Adventure,


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