Monday, February 13, 2012

New Life

I am writing to God’s people who are living as foreigners . . . in Asia
The Apostle Peter

A little bald man stood and spoke from one of the New Testament Gospels. His name was Silas and he was on furlough from living and working as a foreigner among the needy in India. Trust me, this guy didn’t drone on trying to impress you with, “Now the Greek stem of this word is . . . and the Hebrew root of that word is . . . and some scholars surmise that . . .” Nope. Silas Foxx had a white-knuckled grip on the wooden lectern shaking it from side-to-side and rocking it back-and-forth transforming the stage area and lectern into a Galilean fishing boat battered and blown about in a hellacious storm.

Believing they were in the very teeth of death and moments from being swallowed alive the terrified screams of Jesus’ disciples rose above the howling tempest and pleaded with him, as he slept in the stern of the boat, “Master, Master, if you don’t do something we’re going to drown!”

The Author of Life and Death killed the typhoon and saved the disciples.
Not all of Silas’ listeners were adults. In the audience was a young boy so caught-up in the dramatic telling that he yelled out, “Jesus, Wakeup!” This happened in the early 1960’s, and I was the little boy.

From that moment to the present there has always been a compelling to explore the physical and spiritual unseen world.

Enjoying the Adventure,

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  1. I have really enjoyed these last few posts. It's interesting how the experience of living in a foreign country helps you understand what it means to be a sojourner and stranger in this world, longing for a better, heavenly country and a Sabbath rest. I'm so glad your writing gifts are continuing to be used. Reading these posts, I can tell you're drinking from the deep well of Living Water, and for that I'm grateful to the one who gives it without measure.