Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Foreigner - Going Off the Grid

God the father knew you and chose you long ago . . . now we live with great expectation. The Apostle Peter

For seven days I was alone in the city of Nanyang -- population 10.5 million. For seven days I never saw another light-skinned person, or any people group other than Chinese. For seven days I had access to one Chinese who could speak in my native tongue. For seven days I never saw English print.

Out of the bubble . . .

Though the first of many more to come my first exposure to total immersion into Asian culture was a quantum leap from the soft environment of living in Peter Hall! At SIAS foreign teachers are not required to learn to speak Chinese. We have our own compound. To a great extent we can maintain our Western lifestyle. Once instructing for the day is finished we can retreat to faculty housing. In PH you will see no more Chinese than you would if you were roaming the halls of an American university.

Peter reminds us . . .

When it’s time to go off the grid, God says, live with great expectation, and not just in the hope of the good ole' days or the sweet by-and-by, but in the present anonymity of the sketchy now-and-now! God will show up!

Enjoying the Adventure,


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