Thursday, December 22, 2011

Winter Solstice

Yesterday we passed the tipping point—the Winter Solstice was December 22! What does this mean? It means that from now until the Summer Solstice light will send the darkness into a slow but definite retreat! And that means that by the time we return to Maine—at the end of June—mornings will dawn before 5 a.m. and say their goodnights around 930 p.m.!

At the cabin our alarm clock will be nature’s choir rousting us out of the sack and into a new day! Our cabin will be 14 years old in July, and it needs some TLC. The list of projects continues to grow, but we can’t wait to attack the checklist!

Here in China we have made a lot of new friends and some of them will be our guests on the Penobscot River! We look forward to sitting around a campfire and them meeting our friends, family, and annual group of anglers that journey north.It won’t be long before I will be goading our neighbor, Carol, regarding her confused political leanings! This year’s reunion and wrangling should be even better. Carol and Richard got engaged, so I will have another friendly foe!

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  1. Bill and Sandy! You think God is really going to let you spend a whole lot of pleasant days basking in the sunshine and fresh air of Maine? Well, maybe if you are evangelizing from there! But, if not, I wonder where in the world you will be this time next year! Love you both, Helen Peterson