Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Living Life Backwards

“At some point in life we all stop measuring time from the beginning and start measuring time from the end. It shifts from thinking about, How far have I come? To, How much time and opportunity do I have left?” ~ Anonymous

In preparing for a special presentation tonight for SIAS students a broad outline was given me to guide the lecture. In the content I read the quote at the top of this post. It resonated.

How far have I come? Well, if the mile is the standard of measurement, then I’ve come a long, long ways! From our home on the east coast of the United States to China is halfway around the world! Of course that is not the intent of the question. How about this instead? How far have you come spiritually? Has your soul grown? Have you left lesser things behind to pursue greater things ahead?

How much time and opportunity do I have left? I have never articulated in such a concise way how to pace our sojourn, yet for some time that question has been the catalyst for a massive overhaul in my thinking. The results: High points and epic personal struggles. “A man’s thoughts will become the way a man lives.” Said an ancient sage.

Unquestionably so.

In less than two months I will be on the backside of fifty. Call this a midlife crises or whatever you want, but an unmistakable mental and spiritual switch was flipped in 2005. Standing on the soil of Laos along the east bank of the Mekong River I knew the time had come to live my life backwards.

Enjoying the Adventure,


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