Thursday, November 17, 2011

Chasing The Wind

Enjoy what you have rather than desiring what you don't have. Just dreaming about nice things is meaningless--just chasing the wind. Ecclesiastes 6:9

Outside the walls surrounding SIAS is the the citizenry of Xinzheng, China. By U.S. standards the aging population has little by way of the material. Most have a roof over their head, and food enough to keep them alive, but not enough to make them fat. I can't see into the interior of their being, but their persona projects a happy, contented, friendly, and peaceful demeanor.

Over the last several years Sandy and I have been moving toward a lifesyle some would consider more Chinese than chasing the wind of the "American Dream." My six figure income is gone. The beautiful house is gone. Our combined salaries are yet to reach a five figure income. When we return to the States we will live in our cabin with no running water. No electricity. Our "bathroom" is a little outbuilding that sits in the shade of a dense hemlock.

Here in China, as we did in the States, we are up weekday mornings by 530 a.m. We drink too much coffee, and we talk. To be candid, some sunrises are blackened by dark spiritual thunderheads, and we feel socked in by an emotional fog as thick as pea soup.

In this post I have included two pictures. They are visuals that remind me of at least two choices such moments present. First, metaphorically speaking, like my kayak I could stay on the beach and live with the fear of being capsized and losing one of my few but highly valued possessions.

Another option is presented -- I can choose not to worry about rough waters ahead, and enjoy the glory and magnificience of every swirl and current of the River of Life.

Enjoying the Adventure,


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