Sunday, October 16, 2011

Yuntai Mountain

On Saturday morning Sandy and I, along with another 88 other foreign faculty teachers, boarded two SIAS University buses. Three hours later we checked into our hotel and then headed for Yuntai Mountain.

With my head tilted back, my eyes squinted at the vivid blue sky above me. What a contrast, I thought, to the black and grey colors that surrounded me. Beneath my feet water, crystal clear, bubbling and gurgling, submitted to gravity’s pull, wound around boulders and gigantic slabs of mountainside, and ran like blood through this deep gash in the earth’s dermis.

I have been privileged to gaze on more than my share of stunning landscapes around the world. Yuntai has some of the most dramatic scenery I have ever witnessed. It is also the most difficult place to photograph I have ever been. Craggy, rugged, jagged and shadowy walls of stone soaring hundreds of feet toward heaven surround you. Everything is immense, much larger than any camera lens could possibly contain.

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