Friday, August 19, 2011

Back in the Flow

If only the fulfillment of our greater purpose in life flowed along as ceaselessly as the river I am overlooking. Its liquid depth and breadth are ever changing as the water level rises and falls, but nonetheless it is replenished with fresh energy and an undeterred flow toward its destiny. Conversely, for many months hardly a word has trickled from my thoughts onto the written page. How strange, because during those same days and weeks and months I have never experienced such powerful currents swirling around my life.

Less than 48 hours from now Sandy and I will be two people among 1.3 billion in the country of China. We will be just two people on a University campus of 28 thousand students. We will be just two people of a staff of more than 120 foreign teachers. The question, “What kind of influence can two middle-aged adults have among so many?” has been making waves and whitecaps in my soul.

I have never found a reason not to believe in a personal "Destiny" for every person. Just as gravity pulls the river from north to south, I continue to believe Forces are at work to bring us into adventurous opportunities much grander than we ever imagined. Recognizing and then responding to them is our responsibility and makes the difference between a mundane or wildly meaningful life.

“Why are you going to China?” We are asked this over and over again. Though I have never responded with this answer, my truest heart would reply, “To get back in the Flow.” Such a compelling, though sometimes diluted and distracted, or simply missed, has never gone away, and at last the inner Compass has reoriented me and has led me back to the edges of the flow.