Friday, May 6, 2011

Not Just Another Mother's Day

My Mom is mother to six children: first, Brenda, then came Barbara, Glendon, Billy, Burleigh, and last, but by no mean least, Kevin. Glendon, her first son, lived just 42 months before cancer broke him down, then took his life (I wrote about Glennie in a post titled, Big Brother). This afternoon I talked to Brenda; she told me mom had been to Glennie's grave today.

This Mother's Day will be sadly different from sixty-two of the previous sixty-four. Just as death whisked her baby boy away only days before Christmas, another special day will be over-shadowed by an even greater loss -- Dad is gone. On 25 May, at 10 a.m., he will be interred in the final resting place of hundreds of veterans.

Amid the loss of her infant son, within the young Laura an infant Faith was birthed. Amid the loss of her aged mate, a mature Faith abounds. Death took her loved ones, but has been powerless to uproot Faith. Laura Linnie continues to lovingly nurture my siblings and me, and demonstrate what it means to walk with God.

Mom, you amaze your children. We love you!

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