Friday, May 6, 2011

And Then You Became A Mother

I am from Maine, the most eastern state of the United States of America. Bone-chilling winters are diametrically opposed by Eden-like summers. Autumn is breathtaking, as woodlands magically transform into a stunning palette of blazing and vivid colors. No matter what the season, state-wide, for the most part, the weather is relatively the same. Apart from its twenty-five thousand miles of rocky coastline, its topography remains generally the same, too: stunted mountains, millions of acres of wild woodlands, and lakes so crystal clear you can read a newspaper twenty-feet below the surface. Start walking due east from anywhere within the Pine Tree State, and you will run out of land, and step straight into the Atlantic Ocean.

When a Mainer speaks, we drops the R's off words that end with R, and put R's in words that have no R's. "Ayuh," is a word unique to Mainers. When we say "Ayuh," it means yes, I agree, or I understand. We have another word uniquely used: "wicked." Something can be wicked good, wicked bad, wicked hot, wicked cold, and wicked wicked!

Sandy, my wife, is the beautiful woman in all of these photographs. Pictures from the cradle to our daughter's college graduation. She is a long, tall Texan from the southwest. Roam her Lone Star State, and you can experience nearly every kind of topography and weather known to man: soft coastlines, bald mountains, arid deserts, lush prairies, piney forests, biting snowstorms, and sandstorms that are like snowstorms.

Texans are known to turn monosyllabic words into two syllables words. My name, Bill, is quite often pronounced Be-ull.

Texas is the only State that maintains the right to secede from the Union, and unabashedly declares, 'Ya'll, the most beautiful women in the world, not just the U.S.A, are Texas gals!"

You can always tell a Texan. You just can't tell em' much.

Sandra, married me, William, on September 10. Sandy was nineteen, and I was twenty-one. At twenty-two, her Mom's baby girl, became mother to a baby boy. Our union blessed us with two more children. Our kids absolutely adore their Mom.

Sandy is as brilliant as she is beautiful. Honestly, she is the most intelligent person I have ever met. From high school in Texas -- to college in Georgia -- to Harvard University, in Cambridge, Massachusetts, the academic bar has never been raised high enough to keep her from being a 4.0 student.

Sandy is elegant, but she also kayaks, backpacks, and has a Concealed Weapons Permit to carry a 9mm Sig Sauer.

Sandy's faith in God far exceeds mine, though I was the one who, for thirty years, spoke to mostly church-goers about walking by faith.

Sandy always chose to stay in the background, but she never failed to rise to the occasion --whatever the challenge might be.

Sandy loves me, and anyone who knows the two of us also knows she could have done much better. Beyond a shadow of a doubt, as they say in the south, "I married up!"

Captured in each frame is her beautiful smile. I know there were also untold stories of heartbreak through each passage from childhood into adulthood. Knowing that, each of these pix have reduced me to tears. Through the thick and the thin, and through the best and the worst, she has given me her best years, and Sandy always gives her best to everything she puts her hand to. Remarkable woman.

I am grateful.

I am humbled.

I am a lucky man.

I love you . . .

Happy Mother's Day

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  1. What a tribute to my beautiful, sweet friend