Thursday, August 26, 2010

An Enigmatic Life

While at the cabin . . .

I spent hours last night and today in the Scripture sifting through its pages and passages and mulling over the tragic and triumphant - confounding and confusing - comforting and conflicting - pitiful and precious - gritty and glorious life of David. Were his life a palette it would be a collage of contradictions . . .

Great heights to which a good man can ascend - yet great depths to which a good man can descend.

David was God's man - yet he was a fallen man.

His passions made him - yet his passions broke him.

He was a fountain of poetry and praise - yet often a sea of poison and pride.

He was a man after God's own heart - Yet he broke God's heart.

He lived close to God - Yet often estranged from God.

Men adored and died for him - Yet men loathed him to death.

He could be righteously crafty - Yet he could be ruthlessly shifty.

He was brilliant - Yet he was stupid.

David's Psalms were paradoxical - Raging against God and resting in God.

As was the father, so was the son - Solomon penned the wisdom of the Proverbs and the vanity of Ecclesiastes

David's story gives me hope - Yet his story frightens me.

I want to be like him - Yet I fear I am too much like him.

When all was said and done the New Testament Scriptures had the last word on David and chiseled his epitaph into the foundations of eternity . . . David served God in his generation - then he died.

In my journey . . .

Is it the beginning or middle - the highs or lows - the kudos or curses - the seen or unseen - that is most important in the continuum of life ? No. Most important will be God's summary of my life.

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  1. Hey Bill;

    Just a thought if your looking for reading material at the cabin. I ran across this fellers books last winter at Matagammon Lake. The author is a retired game warden from the area, he reads like a wild wild east L l'Amour. He also mentions a Shorey or two living in the Patten area.