Saturday, June 5, 2010


Did you know that the biblical king, David, engaged in hand to hand combat with a lion - and won?

Brian is one of the sub-contractors involved with the ongoing construction of our first Planet Fitness in Columbia, SC. A couple of weeks ago I was walking him through several thousand feet of unfinished space we are considering sub-letting. How it came up is unimportant, but the necessity to bring it up is important is to me . . . "it" is any conversation about adventure in the great outdoors!

As we swapped stories I found out that Brian hunts wild hogs with dogs and his weapon is nothing but a knife. Guess what? I am going on one of those hunts! No, not as an observer, but as a hunter. I will be carrying a blade and following the pack. My heart is pumping just writing about it.

At this point I would suggest that if you belong to PETA you might want to quit reading . . .

Hunting with the most primitive of weapons - such as a knife or spear - is not inhumane. It is just a lot more challenging than the sniper tactics we have grown accustomed to, using rifle or bow. Taking a wild pig with a knife involves stealth, physical strength, quickness, and getting down and dirty (and a touch of insanity). It's hand-to-hand, or should I say hands - to - pigs feet, combat once the hogs are cornered. Getting them stopped is the easy part - the dogs do all that work. The hard part begins when it's time to dive through that window of opportunity that stays open for mere seconds. It is then that you jump in, grab the hog in a headlock, and pierce it's heart or cut it's throat with your knife. Keep in mind that the beast wants no part of this! There are no similarities to this and catching the greased pig at the county fair!

With this adventure some risk is involved:

1. In the tussle the dogs grab you instead of porky
2. Boars have long ragged tusks and they can mortally wound you
3. You stab or slice yourself with your razor sharp blade
4. A herd of swine come out of a thicket determined to go on the offense (This happened to Brian - 3 dogs were killed and a couple of the hunters tore up)
5. You hesitate - you've got to be all in once you enter the fray - miss the window of opportunity and crash into the ribs of an angry sow or boar.
6. People will call you uncivilized

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Unfinished Business

About 20 posts are in the "draft" phase. I can't seem to find suitable time to arrange words and sentences that capture the fascinating flukes and fluctuations of life.

For me writing is a sacred exercise. Like the physical body with out a workout - my spirit weakens, gets short of breath, and undisciplined. Days feel unfinished - each second like a loose end that needs to be gathered in and tied.

Soon I hope to dedicate some soul-space for that single purpose - these few lines are a start.